Get Tar and Grease off your hands with cooking oil

Daniel in Idaho writes:
I used to use a variety of heavy solvents in order to get roofing tar off my hands, and suffered red and nasty hands as a result. I found that by washing my hands with cooking oil, the tar would loosen from my hands to a point where I was able to wash them normally with soap. I have since found that the cooking oil will do instead of handcleaner if you have a bunch of dirty grimey grease on your hands. Since then I have found that cooking oil will remove a remarkable array of sticky and gooey substances from many surfaces.

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A guest writes:

A guest writes:
What I find so inetresitng is you could never find this anywhere else.

A guest writes:
Loved this idea with the cooking oil. It comes right off. Thanks!!!

A guest writes:
Excellent works perfectly with a little Dawn dish soap after the costing of oil

A guest writes:
Thanks, it really worked!!

A guest writes:
Cooking oil with some sugar works awesome on the skin!

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